What I’ve learned from not browsing on my phone for a month

I have been meaning to write a follow-up to my digital minimalism challenge post for the past two weeks now but there is always something easier to do, something more fun, at a tap of a screen. Most can relate to the challenge of distracting apps and platforms that clutter our lives and make it harderContinue reading “What I’ve learned from not browsing on my phone for a month”

Creating space between you and your smartphone

Last year, Apple released the Screen Time app as part of its “digital health” initiative to address growing concerns around increasing device usage, smartphone addiction and social media’s impact on our mental well-being. As much as it hurts me deeply to admit this, according to my Screen Time app, last week I spent 38 hoursContinue reading “Creating space between you and your smartphone”

How to use your smartphone like a hammer

If we used our phones more like a hammer, would our life be a lot better? At least, according to the musical genius himself, yes. Look at your phone as a tool, not an obligation. Would you walk around with a hammer in your pocket?  You would pick up a hammer when you needed it.Continue reading “How to use your smartphone like a hammer”

45 tips for using your iPhone as a tool, and not a distraction device

I had a very busy weekend traveling to Toronto, socializing hardcore and having a grand time. Unfortunately, that meant I didn’t have time to follow my blogging schedule and post an article yesterday. Luckily, I stumbled upon a wonderful article today and thought I would share it here. It is a list of How toContinue reading “45 tips for using your iPhone as a tool, and not a distraction device”

Digital wellness for beginners

At our era of smartphones, social media proliferation and the attention economy, our attention has become the most valuable commodity. In order to profit from our attention, companies use tactics to hijack our attention. These tactics keep us glued to our smartphones; scrolling mindlessly through our newsfeeds and watching cat memes all day long. AreContinue reading “Digital wellness for beginners”