On self-care during quarantine

Note: This is a guest post by my dear friend, Kafui Mensah. As we all know, it can be challenging to practice self-care in the midst of everything that grabs at our attention on any given day. Whether you’re juggling a career and a social life, or school and hobbies, or just trying to makeContinue reading “On self-care during quarantine”

The things you do every day grind on you

Earlier this week, my partner shared with me a post he found online that really spoke volumes to both of us. A part that stood out to me the most was the things you do every day grind on you. Are you looking to take back control of your time and attention?  SIGN UP HERE to receiveContinue reading “The things you do every day grind on you”

The demons hate fresh air

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make yourself prone to happiness

Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it… And, once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must  Never become lax about maintaining it. — Elizabeth Gilbert Are you looking to take back control of your time and attention?  SIGN UP HERE to receive my FREEContinue reading “make yourself prone to happiness”

My best mental health tip— take a break

I’m currently on a three-month-long, and ongoing, hiatus from the adulting world. It is funded solely with my F**k-Off fund, and living back at home with my parents. I’m loving it! It has been over two years since I took a break to recharge, revaluate and rejuvenate, a practice that began circumstantially back in 2015 andContinue reading “My best mental health tip— take a break”

Keeping a daily journal for mental well-being

Any form of writing, including creative, academic, or otherwise, can serve as a form of self-exploration that help us make sense of our thoughts and feelings, and discover our deepest desires. Writing is a very therapeutic endeavour, and Keeping a personal journal is one of the ways in which we can incorporate the therapeutic benefitsContinue reading “Keeping a daily journal for mental well-being”

10 radical self-care ideas

There is certainly no shortage of self-care ideas to browse through on the World Wide Web, advising us to meditate, walk-in nature, or get a massage, body scrub, facial or book yourself into a spa for a day or weekend. Are you looking to take back control of your time and attention?  SIGN UP HERE to receiveContinue reading “10 radical self-care ideas”

Digital wellness for beginners

At our era of smartphones, social media proliferation and the attention economy, our attention has become the most valuable commodity. In order to profit from our attention, companies use tactics to hijack our attention. These tactics keep us glued to our smartphones; scrolling mindlessly through our newsfeeds and watching cat memes all day long. AreContinue reading “Digital wellness for beginners”